23 Feb

My artwork is a product of an overactive imagination mixed with 40 years of paint fumes…

It was my good fortune to have seen all the great suspense shows on their first runs- Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Twilight Zone, Thriller.  Some of the fear generated by these very episodes has stayed with me for over 50 years!

Everyone shares the experience of being scared out of their wits by a shadow on the wall or a closet door opened just a crack…  I know this had a definite influence on my subject matter.

“Sinister Tales” is my imaginary pulp magazine which grabs you in a red, yellow and electric blue freezeframe of diabolical  drama.  It is a way I can honor all the underappreciated geniuses of illustration.

Researching insects ,plant life and old forgotten places are favorite activities. I love having my picture taken by fiberglass statues…